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Hi, I found your blog via Tim's El Salvador blog. I wanted you to know that I found your blog stories to be interesting and charming.

I lived in El Sal for some years in the 80's, got married to a Salvadoran woman and had the occasion to travel over a lot of the country. It's a beautiful, albeit crowded, place, and the views from various volcanoes are awesome, as you point out.

Congratulations on your blog once again, and if you're ever down to Quito, please let me know, and we can talk cacao, with which I'm familiar. Take care, Tambopaxi

bon, bon voyage. The time is right for organic coffee. You must already have your december delivery prices in mind. We will all keep our fingers crossed. I believe your 2 commodities could have a strong marketing edge because of their exotic story. It's a setting for a movie. And long after you're famous in the ny times i hope you'll remember us humble pioneers who fell in love with the blog in its early days.

ps Bruno remindes me a bit of the john wayne legend. Havoc. Romance. Machismo. In the end, he'll disappear.

pps surely Nino is a gelding, i mean he's just field transportation, would you really need a snorting stallion.

like Tambopaxi, I also found your blog through Tim's blog. I was born in ES and now live in Australia, I find this blog a great source of information for what is going on in ES. Its always great to hear lived experiences through those that are living amoung it and not through Newspapers who sometimes put their own bias opinions.
Keep up the great work, and I will be sure to follow your blog with great interest.
Regards, Jorge.

Best of luck marketing your coffee! I wish I could buy it from you in big bags over the intnernet - like eBay.

I'm sure it's much better than what I can get in the Kroger stores here south of Houston, Texas.

As an aside, I really enjoy reading your blog. Your operation, and life in El Salvador in general are fascinating to me.

Keep up the great work.

Hello! What a pleasant experience to get to know your blog! Many thanks to Tim.
Born in El Salvador, I have also lived for an average of 3 years each time in San Francisco (yes,on Russian Hill); Tokyo, Paris, Vancouver, Abidjan and now in Western France. Your blog stories fascinate me and transport me back on time to many a smell or atmosphere that I can also experience through your feelings and how you describe them to us. I love reading about the people and customs, it's a whole different sensation to me as Salvadorean.
Good luck with the coffee trading ! And please keep on with your blog. Amicalement,

Hi, I hope you're having fun in sunny san francisco.....

in the northern city where i live, urban wildlife is greater than the human population. There are more raccoons, skunks, marmots and red foxes than there are men, women and children. My sister had raccoons every night in her backyard. She used to make them peanut butter sandwiches. One night she looked out from the kitchen window and there were five raccoons lined up on the stone retaining wall of her garden, sitting bolt upright upon their rear legs, with their forepaws hanging down in anticipation. En attendant, waiting, she said, making big raccoon circles around her eyes with her fingers.

so i think that's what Stephanie will see when she comes home and looks out at the blog from her kitchen window. Here we all are, with the big eyes.

The improvements to the Finca look great. Hillary is coming for the inauguration on June 1st. You should extend an invitation.

Buenos Dias!

I was born in El Salvador and left when I was 5 yrs old. Last year, I traveled to El Salvador 3 times for the first time in about 10 yrs. I visited amazing places and intrigued to know more about my country's history.

Don't laugh.. but I accidentally bumped into your blog. I was searching for "President's house of El Salvador" and ha! I found it in your finca! The first thing that showed up was your cacao! YUM! Since I love cacao, I started reading your blog and finished it all. sigh.. I felt nostalgic. Part me, wishes I had that. :( My grandfather had land in Chalatenango and now, all the brother's and sister's are dividing it! There's potential .. but I'm just a granddaughter out of like 100! no kidding!

But Congrats to what you have accomplished. AMAZING! and when I get a chance, I'll post a link of my pictures. Recently, my family and I went camping to Montecristo.. awww.. such a beautiful place!! Best place yet. I'm going back in August might do a trip to Perquin.

Good Luck in San Fran.


WOW! I just came across your blog and I cant stop reading!! (Thanks Tim)

My name is Jenni, I am from Tennessee, and I married a wonderful man 3 years ago from El Salvador (Texistepeque). He hasnt been home in over 12 years, and we are gearing up for a visit in December. (If all works out with our paperwork) I am a southern girl at heart, and have no idea what to expect when we get there, so I am reading everything I can about El Salvador, hoping to learn as much as possible before we arrive!

Reading your blog, has made me want to pack up and go right now!! Your writing is beautiful. Always leaves me wanting more! Thank you so much for your work, I cant wait til you get back from Cali, as I am missing Nina Stephanie, Evers, Vigil and Bruno!

Best of Luck with your Coffee Marketing!!

I've read your blogs with interest. We've helped with and been part of the work the church does there. It's always been work, work, work. Can you give me the name of a pleasant, inexpensive place within an hour of the airport where my wife and I could vacation. English is important. I've read of a place you recommended but cannot find it.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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