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this is wonderful news.

there's no doubt about it. After you get your DUI they should appoint you Minister of Export Trade.

not kidding. You have a real gift.

I'm glad you are back on the blog... so very interesting to experience your experiences. I am thinking of doing something like this to share my work and my experiences. I already have a web site but I like the informality of a blog...hmmmm what to do, what to do.

since you always make me think of an Angel...the perfect name for your coffee would be Angel : ) glad you back Stephanie

Hello Steph i just found your blog and im so glad i did .... my dad recently passed away from cancer Aug 19th ... he left me a coffee plantation in El salvador and i need to learn to manage it or else it will not survive and my dads legacy will be no more.. i cant let that happen.. i would like to some how get in direct contact with you in hopes of getting advice ... please respond if possible...

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