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Nina Stephanie,
I am so glad that you made it back safely and had a good visit with your family and friends.
I have been very interested in reading you blog because my husband is from Canton Aqua Blanca, La Union. His family still lives there and one day I want to go and visit. But until that time I love reading about all thing El Salvador. I can't wait to order some coffee to surprise my husband.
I pray every one heals quickly.

Greetings from Nantes, France ! Thanks for posting us on your trip. We are glad you made it back safely.
I wish I were part of that help arriving in mysterious ways ... sometimes I feel like taking a one year sabatical and spend it all in my home country. It would have to be from January 1st to Dec 31st. As you know, every month has a different fruit or vegetable or special dish that is in season. I'd love to eat paternas and then cook the green pods into ashed boiling water; eat mameyes and cincuyas; coyoles en miel; huevos de iguana en alguashte ... I'm perfectly concious of the fact that many of those delicacies are even more rare now than they were when I was a kid and first tried them. But life is for dreamers and I love dreaming from time to time. Good luck to you with all your finca work and workers. Take care,

I am a salvadorean and I live in Orlando, Florida for the last 10 years, I have really enjoyed following your Tweets as well as reading your blog. I have been blogging on a totally different subject but still always think about my country.


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