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Wow, this makes me stressed just reading about it, I wish you good luck with everything...

Wow, I love it when a plan comes together...with the Angels on your side it will all work out Stephanie...was Genoveva wearing a white dress : )

That sounds like the nightmare I'm going through buying a computer from Dell on the internet, just to please my husband. OK so it's particular: pay with a San Francisco bank's credit card, owner's address in France, have the blessed thing delivered on my niece's name to my appartment in San Salvador. It will cost double what would have cost a good one at the Office Depot, just because I couldn't find a reliable place to get a reliable computer on the internet and thinking that Dell had the machines in E.S. No way, they hit you with the DHL transportation fee, plus taxes, plus this and that. I hate DELL. I wish you great luck! I'm sure it will all come through fine. Keep working on it, don't give up, you'll see. It will be OK.I had problems with my name in E.S too, in order to get a salvadorean passport. They would ask me: why do you want want anyway ? ????§!!!!!!

It's a nightmare, hope it all works out. It is reassuring to hear that the bureacracy is alive and well in places other than Chicago:)
Old Friend & Neighbor, Roberta

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