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how lovely to find you back at last.

and is that gorgeous blue bag actually one of the new coffee sacks ? it's pretty enough to serve as somebody's satchel after the coffee has been consumed. Even the drawstring is handsome.

i think i've posted before that they should make you Minister of Commerce and Export Trade. Either that, or clone several thousand of you and put a stephanie in every rural community. Economic development would leap forward at lightning speed.

take care, pretty girl. No more colds. May all negative energies get zapped on the Electric Tennis Racquet, at least during the harvest season.

At first I was surprised that you didn't know about the problems in Cabanas, because I know about it here in Ohio. The I realized that the media in ES may not be the best news source. I keep up with news of ES on Tim's blog. I love yours too by the way. Stay in touch.

Keep writing!! What's happening now?? And come to book club - we all want to see you!!

You are a candidate to go to Oprah

Stephany, I think of you of one of my relatives without knowing you but because you have done more good and endure the life down there when we were only thinking about it, thank you so much for opening my eyes and giving me hope, and most of all for taking care of the people that needed it most.
As I said before you going to get some customers from Arizona, and as you said "God works in misterious ways"

Dear Luis, I sent you an email about a week ago. Just want to make sure you got it?
Best, Stephanie

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