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Always a pleasure to read your life and thoughts! Call next time you are in San Sal.
Mark and Sandra

This one is special, Steph.

keep following your instincts and life will continue to provide... not always a smooth ride but it will be the ride of you life!

Always happy to hear your thoughts...I missed you...

Oh, just a second thought...Isn't that Dr. Earle??? (lol)

Hi, haven't seen any postings from you of late, and I'm wondering how things are going. Hope you're doing well and that things are going well on the finca. good luck and take care, Tambopaxi, Quito, Ecuador

Loved reading about your turn around Steph, It is so true that sharpening your instincts always turns into a blessing when the heart is true! a blessing for everyone around us... all those 30 families...how wonderful!!!

also, i can really relate to your story as i have recently found myself at a tropical fruit plantation beside a volcano in Hawaii... from always having been a big city woman!

Life is a wonder!!!

You go girl!

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