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Well, welcome back, Stephanie! Reading of your trials and tribulations, I'm reminded once again of how it is to live down here in LA...

Still, it sounds like you've gone through your own crisis and epiphany and come out the other side, bedraggled, perhaps, but stronger for it, I bet.

Congrats on your Tecapa Blue launching, and I'm sure that your product will do well in California. I'd love to try it, but I rather doubt that it's on sale down here in Quito.

Anyway, welcome back once again, it's good to see your little blog back in action and keep us all posted as to how Tecapa Blue does! Good luck and abrazos, Tambopaxi

Thank you for all the encouraging words. Yes, it's good to be back and bring everyone up to date. If you have a Facebook account, you can find us at, "Tecapa Blue."

Thank you for writing Tambopaxi!


Stumbled onto your Web site this evening. Have you given any thought to contacting this firm -- Sweet Maria's? Perhaps they would be interested in stocking Tecapa Blue.


All the Best.

Orlando, FL

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