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Stephanie, your account of Don Beto's death and its aftermath is reverent, humbling, frightening, graphic, and profound. Death be not proud, though some have called thee/ Mighty and dreadfull. No priest, minister or rabbi could have spoken a word or preached a sermon evoking memento mori as powerfully as your essay.

the way in which the community instantly turned to you, even while the dead man still lay in the roadway, and the way in which you immediately took up and shouldered the many responsibilities for his burial, speak volumes about the revered place you have earned in this home of your great-great-grandfather. He would be so proud of you !

your closing sentences, describing how Don Beto would always leave the hacienda after a meeting with thanks for "the good future," together with his smiling photograph, restore the peacefulness and finality of death after a shocking accident. They are a fine memorial.

Such a shocking incident but with a poignant ending.

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